At the Orc Butcher

Orc by EspenG

Orc by EspenG (CC-BY-SA-3.0)

An orc cook goes to the orc butcher and asks for some prime elf steaks. The butcher says “It’s not ‘prime’ these days. Elfmeat went to ‘good’, ‘plusgood’, ‘doubleplusgood’.”

“Oh. Okay, gimme some plusgood elf steaks and some doubleplusgood pixie wings.”

“Pixie wings are now grade A, B, or C.”

“Erk. Gimme grade-A pixie wings. Oh and some … uh, what are faerie-light patties graded on this week?”

“Violet, blue, pale blue, sky, and white”

“I hate this!”

“Hate what?”

“Your shifty grades of fey!”


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