Add a Word, Ruin a Movie

Another Twitter pun meme went on in October, and seems to have enjoyed a recent resurgence. The idea is to take a well-known film title and add a word to it, yielding a (presumably) unwatchable movie. #AddaWordRuinaMovie has even spawned an account @ruinmoviee, which I guess is a pattern now for popular meme hashtags.

But back in October, these were my contributions:

  • Run Tro Lola Run
  • The Matrix Multiplication
  • The Knights Inn of the Sixth Happiness
  • The China Beach Syndrome
  • National Lampoon’s Velvet
  • You’ve Got Plate Mail
  • The Thin Red Zip Line
  • What About Bob Dole?
  • Wing Dings Commander
  • The Seven Year Jock Itch
  • Afterbirth of a Nation
  • Grease 2

That last dig was not the only one in the mem; sequels are easy targets in this game. And my favorite from my own:

  • The Fall Fashions of the House of Usher


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