Jawa Riddles

Played some Jawa riddle games with the boys last month. I’ve already shared the results on Facebook, but another fried made a different “Utinni” joke this week, and that reminded me to share it here. If you don’t remember “utinni” from the Star Wars movies, watch the YouTube clip a couple of times first—the riddle answers should all be shouted like this:

What does a Jawa wear at the beach?

What is a Jawa’s favorite vegetable?

Favorite pasta?

What is a Jawa’s favorite drink?

Who is a Jawa’s favorite magician?

Rossini! (the judges would also accept Puccini)

Star Trek actor?
Colm Meany! (they didn’t get this one)

Batman writer?
Paul Dini!

Chuck Berry song?
Little Queenie!

What is a Jawa’s favorite poetry form?

Free verse.
… What?
Free verse. It doesn’t rhyme.


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